IRS workers furloughed by government shutdown rally in Ogden

OGDEN — Workers at the Ogden Internal Revenue Service center furloughed by the federal government shutdown are holding a rally Thursday outside the James V. Hansen Federal Building.

“We want to work,” read signs held by the employees who handle taxpayer questions, process returns and deal with compliance issues at the center, which employees some 5,000 people.

Among those gathering in a light snow was Shelby Harris, who said her 14-year-old daughter attempted suicide last October and requires counseling and medication the single mother was already struggling to afford on her $50,000 annual salary.

“Those are not luxuries,” Harris said of her daughter’s needs. “Do I make the co-payments for counseling or do I buy laundry detergent? You start buying cheaper meals. There’s a lot of ramen and macaroni and cheese.”

Harris said her next paycheck is due Monday but she has already applied for unemployment, a process that could take several weeks.

This story will be updated.

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